Pupils unite in learning initiative


The recent establishment of the Blue Mountain Community of Learning promises to deliver dividends for pupils from preschool through secondary school, Blue Mountain College principal Lindy Cavanagh-Monaghan says.
Kidzway Early Learning Centre and Tapanui, Heriot, Waikoikoi and Waikaka schools were involved in the community of learning initiative, she said.
“So it’s very cool.”
Ms Cavanagh-Monaghan said those involved had tried to put the community of learning in place much earlier. However, they did not meet Ministry of Education criteria, which stipulated 10 schools needed to be involved.
A change of ministerial heart has allowed the community of learning to be formed with the contributing five schools.
Pupils could benefit from the extended subject knowledge of particular teachers based at another school, which could result in a lift in knowledge in a wide range of subjects from science through to numeracy and literacy, Ms Cavanagh-Monaghan said.
The initiative was funded by a ministry grant.
The project had reached the stage of advertising the position of lead principal, who would be appointed by a panel with an adviser, she said.
Initially the position would be for a period of 12 months and then reviewed.
It was proposed a digital platform would be used to help all entities keep in touch and involved in the project.
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