Quarantine chance to improve cooking skills

In the kitchen...Pukerau woman Zoe Muir is putting the tips she learned from television shows she watched while in quarantine in Auckland into practice now she is home and cooking for her family.PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

Zoe Muir’s cooking skills have improved as a result of spending two weeks in quarantine.

The former Camp Columba ministry co-ordinator returned from Scotland on April 8 and spent two weeks in quarantine in Auckland before flying south and moving into her parents’ home in Pukerau.

Miss Muir said when the Covid-19 situation developed she weighed up the pros and cons of coming home.

“The original plan was to stay, see it out,” Miss Muir said.

However, after a while she decided she wanted to come home and booked a flight on March 24.

“When I saw [British Prime Minister] Boris Johnson was in the hospital it was like ‘I’m out’.

“I’m done.”

The flight she booked was cancelled but two weeks later she flew out and landed in Auckland, where she spent two weeks in quarantine in an inner-city hotel.

During her time in quarantine she watched many cooking programmes on television and had learned a few tips.

Now she was home she was cooking for her family again.

“I’ve been trying out a few new recipes on the family.

“I’ve been making my own bread.”

At the start of quarantine she was able to go for a walk but later those in quarantine could only go for a walk in a group with a security escort.

“Those walks were actually my relief time could actually feel like a normal person.”

Her health was closely monitored and her temperature was taken twice a day.

“Because I’ve got diabetes I was high risk, so they needed to keep an eye on me.”

For the past 20 months Miss Muir has worked as the head housekeeper at the Ardeonaig Christian Outdoor Education Centre in the Scottish highlands.

She had really enjoyed living in Scotland, she said.

“The people are amazing and the heritage and the history of Scotland is incredible and you see it everywhere you go.

“I would do it all again in a heartbeat-100%.”

The work was rewarding also.

Part of her job was working with young people who were taking a gap year before university.

“It was really lovely to be able to be kind of like a mentor and input into their lives for the year.”

At this stage she was not planning on returning overseas and was looking for work.Buy KicksMiesten keng├Ąt laajasta valikoimasta