Rain could cause flooding


It’s raining, it’s pouring and the region is relieved.
After a prolonged period of high temperatures and little rain, it began to rain overnight on Wednesday and rained steadily yesterday.
Gore resident Hartley Hay donned a raincoat and armed himself with an umbrella to walk to work yesterday morning but he was more than happy to endure the inconvenience.
He was celebrating the arrival of rain.
Emergency Management Southland group controller Angus McKay said on Wednesday the heavy rain forecast for Southland could cause some flooding.
Between 75mm and 130mm of rain was predicted in the headwaters and from 40mm to 60mm near the coast in the 24 hours from midnight on Wednesday.
Mr McKay said yesterday rain fell steadily throughout the region overnight and the organisation would continue to monitor river levels.
“So far overnight we have had 50mm in the headwaters and 20mm to 40mm around the coast,” he said.
“At this stage, it is about waiting to see what happens and planning so that we are as prepared as possible.”
Gore District Council transport manager Peter Standring said yesterday there was some surface flooding but it was not significant at this stage.url cloneNike