Rainfall already above average


Gore has recorded a whopping 125.8mm of rain so far this November – last year’s whole month total was 73mm.

The 125.8mm was recorded up until 9am yesterday.

While last year’s summer was extremely dry, this year is showing a very different picture.

But it is one some people are delighted with.

It is expected the aquifers which supply municipal water supplies will benefit from the heavy, persistent rain.

MetService meteorologist Tui McInnes said the long-term mean November rainfall for Gore was 93.3mm, therefore the rainfall total so far for this month was well above average.

Of the 10 days until Monday on which rain had fallen, eight had been classed as very wet days which meant more than 5mm had fallen, Mr McInnes said.

“Hopefully we’ll start to see some respite on the horizon.”

Rain was forecast for the next week.

The temperatures had been on par with the long-term mean of 11degC for November, at 11.2degC, Mr McInnes said.

Four days had reached at least 20degC, but there had been some days with very low temperatures, he said.

Gore District Council parks and reserves manager Ian Soper said even though it was a wet November it did not necessarily mean it would be a wet summer.

But while it was wet, lawns and plants were growing well.

Parks and reserves staff were very busy cutting grass, weeding and spraying.

“The growth is rampant. It’s really putting pressure on,” Mr Soper said.

“The gardeners are just chasing their tails with weeding. It’s a never-ending cycle at the moment.

“That’s spring growth for you.”

The wet weather was good news as it served to top up the aquifers that feed Gore’s municipal water supply.

Council 3 waters assets manager Matt Bayliss said the month’s rainfall had been good.

The aquifers’ water levels were rising, but the full effect of the rain would not be seen just yet, he said.

“It will be interesting to see the effects on aquifers in the next week or so.

“We’re heading towards average well levels this year.

“There’s obviously still a long way yet to go through summer.”

Today’s forecast was for showers; tomorrow a shower or two is possible; Friday and Saturday were both forecast to reach 20degC with a chance of shower on Saturday; and rain is forecast from Sunday to Wednesday.jordan SneakersWomen's Nike Superrep