Top newbie ... Gore's First National licensed saleswoman Jess Pulham has been named the group's New Zealand rookie of the year.

The golden rule of how to treat others is working well for Jess Pulham.

The Gore First National licensed saleswoman has just been named New Zealand rookie of the year for the group.

This is not the first time Miss Pulham has received a national award.

The former Carvin Streetwear manager was co-winner of the Top Shop New Zealand Retail Professional of the Year award in 2015.

Now, in her first 15 months of selling houses, Miss Pulham is the top earner among her peers who have been working in the job for less than 18 months.

Gore’s First National Real Estate owner Graham Maxwell said Miss Pulham’s feat was remarkable in that she was competing against salespeople in Queenstown and Auckland who were selling properties worth more than $800,000 whereas the average Gore price was about $280,000.

“For Jess to sell a million dollars worth of real estate she has to sell four houses where a newbie in Auckland only has to sell one, so for her to head off and beat a number of agents that were all in the first 18 months of real estate was a tribute to how hard Jess had worked.

“It’s a pretty special feat,” Mr Maxwell said.

Miss Pulham said providing very good customer service was important to her.

“It all comes back to treat others how you would expect to be treated – it’s as simple as that, and be yourself.”

She aimed to be authentic and honest with people.

“People can relate to me and I don’t put on a front.

“What you see is what you get and I think people appreciate that.”

The slogan she tried to live by was “putting the real back into real estate”.

Listening was another skill she valued.

“You need to listen to [clients’] wants and needs and then you need to analyse the properties that we’ve got and decide what properties are worth taking them to.”

As well as rookie of the year, Miss Pulham was named the the sixth-top saleswoman in the South Island.

She also earned an award for being a diamond achiever.

“That just means you have earned a certain amount of commission for your company.”Running SneakersAir Jordan