Remembering the moon landing


Roy Cook, of Wyndham, clearly remembers Neil Armstrong’s words “one giant leap for mankind” being spoken 50 years ago.

Mr Cook was 40-years-old when Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

Mr Cook said he and his family were living in Ashburton at the time.

“We did not have television, but we did listen to it on the radio and of course bought the papers, where it was front-page news.”

“My wife Frances liked to keep things and, although she passed away 30 years ago, I have kept all of the papers she thought were important at the time.

“To keep something for 50 years is pretty special, but the papers are starting to get fragile now.”

The general feeling around the town at the time of the landing was excitement.

“It was great, and everyone was thrilled over the fact that men were landing on the moon.

“How brave those astronauts must have been.”

Some folks, though, were not happy about the amount of money it would have taken, he said.

In 1969 Mr Cook had his own business as a taxi proprietor.

“For nine years I had the business in Ashburton,” he said.

“I did a lot of miles in those years.

“But nothing like as many as the men who went into space.”affiliate link traceAir Jordan Sneakers