Removal of premix still firmly in sights


The election of National’s Hamish Walker to the Clutha-Southland seat in the weekend’s general election was predictable, Labour candidate Cherie Chapman says.

“I knew it was a National seat,” Ms Chapman said.

Ms Chapman came second to Mr Walker.

Although Ms Chapman did not get elected she vowed to carry on her fight to have the Ouvea premix stored in the former Carter Holt Harvey paper mill at Mataura removed.

Ms Chapman chaired a meeting in Mataura last month to discuss the storage of the 10,000 tonnes of premix in the town.

Taha Asia Pacific went into liquidation in August last year, but the company’s store of premix still sits in the former Carter Holt Harvey paper mill in Mataura.

Taha Fertiliser Industries was granted a retrospective resource consent by the Gore District Council to store Ouvea premix at the Mataura site, on the banks of the Mataura River, in 2015.

Taha Fertiliser Industries, which is also in liquidation, is an offshoot of Taha Asia Pacific.

On Monday, Ms Chapman said she was still working on finding a solution which would result in the moving of the premix.

Ms Chapman congratulated Mr Walker on his win and said she had built a relationship with him during the campaign.

She believed she could contact Mr Walker and talk through any concerns she might have in the future.

As for her own political aspirations, she would see what happened in the future.

She thanked everyone who voted for her.

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