Highs and lows . . . Gore Pakeke Lions Club secretary Douglas Dixey might only have this handheld thermometer to tell him what the temperature is in the town but the club is paying for a new replacement gauge for the one that broke down earlier in the year. The gauge will be installed on the pole behind Mr Dixey later in the year. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

The highs and lows of Gore’s weather will soon be on display again in the town’s Main St.

The Gore Pakeke Lions are paying for a new temperature gauge, which will be installed in the same place as the former gauge.

Earlier this year the gauge stopped working and was taken down for repair.

Lions club secretary Douglas Dixey said the original temperature gauge was given to the town to mark the 25th anniversary of the club in 2011.

At first the gauge caused no end of bother.

”It was away for repairs quite often,” Mr Dixey said.

In March 2012, The Ensign reported the display recorded the temperature was 11degC for a week.

A week later the temperature hit a high of 96degC.

This time when the gauge was sent away, the repair was estimated to cost $6000.

It was going to cost about $2700 to buy a new gauge.

“We decided we would like to provide a replacement and have informed the council of that.”

The gauge may be placed higher on the pole this time, as a palm tree growing nearby partly obscured it, he said.

Gore District Council communications and marketing manager Sonia Gerken said when the former gauge was inspected to see why it had stopped working, it was discovered the gauge was missing its cover.

“Technicians found the exposure of the electronics to the weather during this time had caused considerable damage,” Mrs Gerken said.

A new LED message display board, showing both the time and temperature, would cost $2690.

Mataura may also be in line to get a new temperature and time display board.

The Mataura Community Board would discuss options for replacing the town clock, which had not been working for about 18 months.