Residents reporting water breaches


It seems residents are taking the level 4 water restrictions seriously – some are dobbing in those they see contravening the bylaw to the Gore District Council.

The level 4 status means a total ban is placed on unattended hoses, sprinklers, garden irrigation systems and hand-held hoses.

Car washing by hand-held hose is also prohibited.

Council communications manager Sonia Gerken said people had reported residents who had been contravening the restrictions, including by hosing gardens.

“I think it shows there’s quite a high level of awareness in the community.”

When notice of a potential breach of the water restrictions was received a customer service request was loaded on to the council’s system.

“The information is forwarded to one of our 3 Waters team, who will visit the property to chat with the resident about the restrictions,” Mrs Gerken said.

“We find that sometimes people are unaware of the restrictions.

“If a person continued to disregard the restrictions we would issue a written warning.”

If the resident chose to continue contravening the restrictions, the water supply bylaw allowed the council to reduce water flow to that person’s property, she said.

“To the best of our knowledge we have never done this, preferring to work with residents as opposed to taking an enforcement approach.”Nike Sneakers StorePatike