Glass only...Gore District Council facilities administration officer Neil Mair is reminding people that only glass items can go in the yellow bins. PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

There is “room for improvement” in how Gore residents are using the yellow bins under the new rubbish collection rules, Peter Standring says.

The Gore District Council transport manager was commenting on how well residents had responded to the new service, which started on June 29.

The red wheelie bin is now collected weekly, for three consecutive weeks, and the yellow wheelie bin collected every fourth week.

Only glass is allowed in the yellow bin, while residents can put household waste, plastics, paper, sanitary items, steel cans and food waste in the red bin.

Last week was the first week residents put out the yellow wheelie bin for emptying.

Mr Standring said after the collection it was found the bins contained about 80% glass items but also included prohibited items such as ash, cardboard and paper.

“There are an awful lot of people who are doing a good job but there’s a number who aren’t and they are spoiling it for everyone else,” Mr Standring said.

It was important that people followed the rules as the council did not have the facilities to sort the contents of the bins.

“If they shove a couple of bags of rubbish in there it can contaminate the whole street’s worth.”

It would go straight to the landfill site at King’s Bend near Browns, owned by AB Lime, “which is a waste of money”.

“We do need people to be acting well.”

The yellow bins would be checked before the collection was due in a month’s time.

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