Rubbish situation ‘quite disgusting’


When Kevin O’Connell went walking during the weekend, he collected about eight bags of rubbish along a 1km stretch outside the Wyndham township.
The Wyndham resident walked the stretch of road towards the cemetery on Saturday and Sunday collecting the rubbish, then he made an additional trip by car to transport the rubbish to his home ‘‘It really did take two walks to assemble it all and an additional car trip to get it all back home — one side of the road I have not fully covered yet,’’ Mr O’Connell said.
This is not the first time the regular walker has picked up rubbish. It was a common occurrence, he said.Mr O’Connell urged other walkers to take the time to pick up rubbish as they walked and for people to dispose of rubbish correctly.‘‘It really is quite disgusting,’’ Mr O’Connell said.The problem was particularly prevalent along roadsides on the exits and entrances to towns.‘‘The walk up to the cemetery seems quite popular but clearly no-one has ever though to tidy it up, even a little at a time,’’ he said. ‘‘It is not a job contractors have means or opportunity or funding to do and [the] same can be said for litter in general,’’ Mr O’Connell said. Some of the rubbish had been lying on the side of the road for quite a long time and was in some cases partly buried in the ground. The litter he picked up was only the tip of the iceberg. ‘‘People in New Zealand are very complacent about litter spoiling the countryside and sending a bad message to freedom campers.’’ It tarnished New Zealand’s clean green reputation, he said. It was not that difficult to dispose of rubbish. ‘‘Rubbish attracts rubbish but clean attracts clean,’’ he said. Edendale/Wyndham Community Board member Denise Fodie said concerns about litter had not been discussed by the board but she urged people to pick up litter if they were out walking and not to drop litter. Mrs Fodie had not noticed a lot of rubbish, but when she did see litter, she picked it up. She urged people in vehicles not to throw rubbish out of windows. ‘‘Be responsible for your own rubbish,’’ Mrs Fodie said..bridgemedia