Every bit helps ... Gore The Salvation Army captain John Carpenter is humbled by the generos ity of the community, and especially the schools who recently donated cans for the Wattie's Cans for Good campaign.

Schools in Eastern Southland have donated nearly 400 cans to the Wattie’s Cans for Good campaign.

The campaign took place last month.

Pupils from schools from around the country collected 30,000 cans and the company donated a further 25,000 cans taking the total number collected to more than 55,000.

The cans help The Salvation Army stock up its food banks to assist New Zealanders in need.

Three schools in the district took part – Longford Intermediate, Knapdale and Pukerau – delivering nearly 400 cans to the Salvation Army in Gore, to add to its food bank.

Gore Salvation Army captain John Carpenter said the food bank was well used and any help was appreciated.

“Sadly the reality is there is a lot of need in our community.

“Poverty is the cause of so many problems – drugs, alcohol and crime.”

At the end of the day they did not want to see anybody go hungry, he said.

Overall the community was a very generous one, but sometimes it seemed like a very unjust society, he said, when the Salvation Army was “having to assist so many who are struggling when there is such a lot of money in other areas”.

  • The food bank is open 10am-2pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday at The Salvation Army, 21 Irwell Street, Gore.
  • The door is open for anyone to call in for a cuppa or chat.