Scrap metal turned into gold for SPCA


The Gore and Districts SPCA is benefiting from the building of the new Mataura Valley Milk plant at McNab.
One of the project’s main contractors, Ebert Construction, is donating about 2 tonnes of scrap metal to the SPCA fundraiser.
Babbage Consultants project site administrator Carmen Pocklington said she saw an advertisement from the SPCA wanting scrap metal for a fundraiser and alerted contractors on the site.
“Eberts came to the party. I think it’s brilliant of them,” Miss Pocklington said.
The metal was made specifically for the site and could not be used on other projects.
MVM was a community minded business, she said.
Ebert site manager Sam Cruickshank, of Invercargill, said the scrap metal was surplus to requirements and was site-specific.
That Scrap Metal Guy owner operator Shawn Olivier picked up the scrap from the MVM site and pledged to pass on the proceeds to the SPCA.
Gore and Districts SPCA shelter manager Cath McDowall said the donation from MVM was amazing. “I’m just so impressed with the generosity,” she said. “It all helps.”

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