Blow by blow... Gore shearer Megan Whitehead shears her way to bettering the previous solo women’s nine-hour record of 648 lambs by 13 at the Grants’ woolshed near Gore on Thursday. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

What does a girl do the day after breaking a world record?

Go out to lunch and shift house.

At least that is what Gore’s latest record-breaker, Megan Whitehead, did after bettering Emily Welch’s 13-year solo women’s nine-hour record of 648 lambs on Thursday.

The record, which now stands at 661, was set in Grants’ woolshed at Croydon Bush, near Gore.

The attempt was organised by her father, Quentin Whitehead.

Miss Whitehead said she would be living at Glenham until about mid-May so she could take part in the main shear.

“I had to shift all my things from Mum’s in Gore,” Miss Whitehead said.

She was back in the shearing shed on Monday but was relieved not to have to focus on a world-record attempt.

“It is a weight off my shoulders. I can relax a little bit because it’s always in the back of your mind and it winds you up every single day. ”

She was looking forward to spending time doing things she enjoyed including diving, cooking and fishing.

Before the attempt, she aimed to average 46 seconds a sheep to end with a total of 700.

As it turned out, she averaged about 50 seconds a sheep.

been very different from a usual day’s shearing.

“I usually shear about 400 lambs a day and I added another nearly 300 on top of that.

“Mentally it was a lot harder.”

While there was not the same pressure on her now to shear a sheep in 46 seconds there were still reasons to shear fast.

“You’re still usually trying to race the other people in the shed.

“[But] you don’t have the pressure of the whole world, it feels like, on top of you.”

It was only the third time she had shorn for a nine-hour stint.

However, in some ways shearing for that length of time was easier because apart from the first two-hour run the runs were only an hour and three-quarters long, she said.

She planned to take a break from setting records but was eyeing up Pauline Bolay’s strong wool lambs women’s eight-hour record of 510 set in 2019.

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