Shoes going north for pupils


A random act of kindness has inspired a Gore resident to help children in need.
‘ This is some of the basic stuff we can give
to their children ‘
Toni-Ann McIntosh has collected a pile of children’s shoes to send to a school in the Bay of Plenty.
Mrs McIntosh was watching One News when Te Puke woman Tracey Wallace-Hutchins was shown making an extra lunch so her son could take it to school for a friend.
During the broadcast, Mrs McIntosh noticed some of the children at Fairhaven School did not have any shoes.
She decided to start a shoe collection to send to the school and shared her decision on Facebook.
‘‘This is some of the basic stuff we can give to their children,’’ Mrs McIntosh said.
Within a week, Mrs McIntosh has collected about 87 pairs of shoes from friends, family and the community.
‘‘I was really inspired by what this lady did and I thought I would do it as well to help out,’’ she said.
Her collection consisted of children’s gumboots, sneakers and slippers.
She was also able to source some new pairs of shoes from The Warehouse.
‘‘I’m a bit overwhelmed that people jumped on the bandwagon.’’
Now Mrs McIntosh is figuring out how she will get the shoes, and a box of socks, to the Bay of Plenty. She is seeking help in transporting the shoes north.
‘‘We should be helping our own country and not just our own community.
‘‘We waste so much in our lifetime. If we could pass [basic items] on there wouldn’t be families out there suffering.’’
It was the first time Mrs McIntosh had done anything like this.
She said all it took was seeing someone in trouble or need and giving them a hand.
‘‘We probably have things like this going on in our community but people are too proud to ask for help.’’buy shoesBoots