Full pantry . . . New World Gore owner Simon Hollyer, Gore Salvation Army Corps community worker Kaye Byron and Salvation Army captain Lydia Carpenter hold some of the 210 shopping bags containing groceries that the supermarkets shoppers filled for the Salvation Army food bank. PHOTO:SANDY EGGLESTON

The generosity of shoppers has restocked one of the biggest pantries in town.

New World Gore shoppers filled 210 shopping bags with groceries as part of a nationwide promotion.

The groceries have been donated to Gore Salvation Army’s food bank.

Gore Salvation Army Corps community worker Kaye Byron said the response of shoppers was “absolutely mind-blowing”.

“I just couldn’t believe how much stuff came in,” Ms Byron said.

The food bank shelves had been looking very empty a month ago with supplies of biscuits and cereals running low.

“It’s pretty hard making a food parcel when you didn’t have food to put in it, but now we can.”

The pantry was now overflowing with groceries.

“It’s completely restocked the food bank for the remainder of the year.”

Usually people who donated to the organisation gave food but this time there was a variety of goods including personal hygiene items, gluten-free food, cleaning products and pet food.

“More thought has gone into the purchases than couple of cans of spaghetti in’.”

On average, 10 food parcels were given out a week.

Winter bills put pressure on budgets.

“With it getting colder, power is going to go up more demand.”

New World Gore owner Simon Hollyer said he had been very impressed with the way shoppers had responded.

“People were being really thoughtful with what they were putting in,” Mr Hollyer said.

“They’re covering off the staples but but also putting in some treats which was great to see.”

The generosity was even more special given that 2020 had not been an easy year for people.

“From floods into lockdown, and still that community spirit [is present] to be thinking of others and being happy to reach into their own pocket to support people in need.”latest Running SneakersNike