New members . Celebrating the induction of new life members into the Wyndham Historical Society ranks are: (back from left) Southland District Council deputy mayor Paul Duffy and Wyndham Historical Society president George Taylor and (front from left) Dorothy Rule, Betty Geary, Agnes Thwaites, Mary Matthews and Beatrice Johnston. Absent: Digger Eunson.PHOTOS: KAYLA HODGE

The Wyndham Historical Society celebrated its 40th anniversary by inducting six new life members on Saturday.

Betty Geary, Agnes Thwaites, Mary Matthews, Dorothy Rule, Beatrice Johnston and Digger Eunson were presented with flowers by Southland District Council deputy mayor Paul Duffy to celebrate their life memberships.

Historical Society president George Taylor said the society only had one previous life member, Ina Sinclair.

“We were well overdue for a catch-up and we really wanted to recognise the hard work this group had done for us,” Mr Taylor said.

Mrs Geary said she was “blown away” by her inclusion on the life membership board.

“I was completely taken by surprise by it all, actually – it’s so generous of them.

The society held a lunch at the Three Rivers Hotel in Wyndham to commemorate the anniversary.

“It is also the 30th anniversary since the opening of the Wyndham Museum as well,” Mr Taylor said.

About 40 people were treated to a speech from Shona Richardson, of Invercargill.

husband, Bill Richardson – whom the transport museum in Invercargill is named after – was born in Wyndham, and his family helped build several historic buildings in the region, including the cheese factory.

There were models of the buildings on display throughout the afternoon, Mr Taylor said.

Mrs Richardson spoke about the history of the family and its connection to Wyndham.

“It was a great speech – she’d put a lot of research into the family history from way back, so us history people were right into finding out all of that stuff,” Mr Taylor said.

Family history… Shona Richardson, of Invercargill, with model houses and photographs of buildings her husband the late Bill Richardson’s family built in Wyndham.KAYLA HODGE
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