Back home . . .Gore Medical Centre practice manager Petria Falconer is enjoying being back in Gore after a 14 year stint working overseas. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

In the 14 years since she left Gore, Petria Falconer has built up a useful skill set working mostly in the hospitality industry in Australia.

The former Blue Mountain College pupil is the new Gore Medical Centre practice manager.

She replaces Ali Wilden who was the centre’s former general manager.

Miss Falconer said the similarities between her new position and the hospitality industry were interesting.

“A lot of it is dealing with people,” Miss Falconer said.

Her job description and position were slightly different from Mrs Wilden’s because she was also a registered nurse.

“They’ve turned it more into a business administration role.”

During her time in Australia, she worked in various positions including as a receptionist and in hotel and event management.

While managing a cocktail bar she created a recipe for a new cocktail.

“It is called the Gretel cherry black forest sour.”

In 2010, she spent the year working at a ski resort in Canada but then returned to Melbourne.

When the Covid-19 situation started to develop in Melbourne, the businesses she worked for were sold and she decided to return to New Zealand for a holiday.

She arrived back in the country as the lockdown came into effect.

After time in quarantine, she returned to live in a cottage on the family’s Waikaka farm.

“Then I did a calf-rearing season for them which was much harder than I anticipated.”

Even though Gore was very different from Melbourne, she was enjoying being back home.

“I find you have quite a lot of freedom in New Zealand.

“It is a lot more stable over here.”

She was also enjoying catching up with friends and family.