Top team ... Tuturau School team of six staff members raised a significant amount of money in the Ronald McDonald House fundraiser. (from left) Principal Rebekah Prattley, Jackie Tavendale, Ashleigh McIntosh, Athena Kent, Maureen Svensson and Liselle Bennie. PHOTO: JENNY DILLNER

Little Tuturau School is a big charity contributor

To date, the team of six teachers and support staff from Tuturau School is running third in the country for its fundraising efforts in the “House to House” Ronald McDonald challenge.

The aim is for each person to walk/run/bike 210km during the month of March.

So far the team of six has raised $3343.22, and walked or ridden 1167.4km.

Each one of the six has had personal experience or knows families who had needed to use the facility at some time.

Tuturau School principal Rebekah Prattley is over the moon that the small team of six is showing great results.

“We are a small country school who has had enormous support for this challenge.

“As principal I am proud of the staff coming together and working towards a common goal.

“Role modelling is one of our school values, as is aroha.

“It is important for the children to see this as well,” Miss Prattley said.

Giving back to a charity some of them have been involved in was a good incentive.

“You never know who may end up needing the facilities of Ronald McDonald House,” she said.

Miss Prattley had to use the facility when her daughter was born with a life-threatening liver disease.

“We lived in Starship hospital and Ronald McDonald House for over half of her first year of life.

“Elliott had a successful liver transplant when she was 8 months old.

“She is 6 now and we’ve stayed at Ronald McDonald over 140 nights since her diagnosis.

“It will always hold a special place in our hearts.

“I jump at opportunities to give back to this amazing charity so I’m soaking up the chance to combine this with a fitness goal,” Miss Prattley said.

Teachers aide Ashleigh McIntosh’s son was born with gastritis which resulted in short bowel syndrome.

Miss McIntosh is one of the six team members taking on the “House to House” challenge because of her own personal experience of having to use the facility when her son was born, Miss McIntosh said.

“This meant a long hospital stay for my partner and myself.”

Living in Ronald McDonald house felt like a home away from home.

“It will always be close to my heart and I’m wanting to give back.

“Over the years we have had to regularly use the facilities and will need to in the years ahead,” she said.

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