Investigate ... Gore Volunteer Fire Brigade members get ready to inspect the ANZ building after a callout about a smell of gas in Gore's Main St. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

The smell of gas in Gore’s Main St yesterday is likely to have come from fuel in the wastewater main.

The Gore Volunteer Fire Brigade attended a callout to the area after the odour was noticed.

3 Waters asset manager Matt Bayliss said a team was cleaning out the wastewater main in Irk St and discovered a contaminant.

The work has since been stopped.

“We’re not exactly too sure what it is – petrol, or oil or diesel or something like that.

“Obviously, the wastewater main has liquid in it all the time,” Mr Bayliss said.

“We’ll need to start making some inquiries about potentially how it got there and we’ll undertake an inspection of the wastewater main.”

Gore Volunteer Fire Brigade deputy chief fire officer Donald McGuigan said businesses including the ANZ bank were evacuated.

“There was a very strong smell of gas in most of the businesses along Main St.”

“We evacuated the area as if it was a gas leak,” Mr McGuigan said.

It took about two hours to ascertain there was no danger.Sport mediaGirls Air Jordan