Soap art . . . Heriot’s Brya Norman has a selection of soap for sale which she made herself using a melt and pour soap base. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

Brya Norman is turning a lockdown project into a small business.

The 8-year-old from Heriot is making soap and selling it.

Brya said her mother gave her some melt and pour soap base, which is sold in a block.

”You put it in the microwave to melt it and then you tip a little bit into a mould,” Brya said.

Before it set, she chose colours to add to the soap and then mixed them into either the clear or white soap base.

”It’s really fun to make them,”

”I really like using them.”

Brya also designed her own owl logo for her range, called Brya Patch Soaps, with the help of a graphic designer.

Her mother, Emma Fellows, also makes soap and other skin-care products.

Ms Fellows said during lockdown Brya was watching her make soap.

”She likes to help me make my range,” Ms Fellow said.

Brya decided she wanted to make something that would help people fight the coronavirus.

The end product was more like something to be admired than something to wash with.

”Every single one is like a wee artwork,”

”It is cool to watch her in the kitchen— they’re all individually made.”

As the soap was used and worn down, different colours became obvious.

The soap base was very good quality.

”They’re really good for sensitive skin.”