SPCA NZ to administer branch


The Gore and Districts SPCA is among branches nationwide that will be brought under the umbrella of the national organisation, SPCA New Zealand.

About two years ago, the Gore operation went from being a stand-alone operation to being under the umbrella of the Southland SPCA, Southland SPCA operations manager Richard Hay said.

Now the Southland SPCA would join 45 other SPCAs to be administered by the national office, Mr Hay said.

Former Gore and Districts SPCA manager and animal welfare inspector Tanya Rowling said while branches had operated separately in the past, welfare inspectors were already administered by the national branch.

Having all arms of the organisation under the administration of one governing body would benefit the branches, she said.

“It’s the same rules; it’s the same governance,” Ms Rowling said.

Mr Hay said not many people realised the Southland SPCA and the other SPCA centres around the country had previously been independently governed and financed.

This was not sustainable or fit for purpose, Mr Hay said.

“There can be more done for the animals when there is a one national team.”

The structure would have a stronger SPCA inspectorate and more could be done to prevent cruelty to animals through advocacy and education.

With one entity, the sharing of resources would ensure vulnerable animals received the best care the SPCA could provide no matter where they were in New Zealand, he said.

It would also allow access to centralised funding opportunities and greater economies of scale would enable the Southland SPCA to do more for the animals.

The new structure would come into effect on November 1, Mr Hay said.

” There are exciting changes ahead. Southland’s ongoing purpose is to help animals in need and support our community in looking after those that cannot speak for or defend themselves.”

The Southland staff were looking forward to working under the new structure and could see its many benefits, including in terms of strengthening the sustainability of the local organisation, Mr Hay said.

The Southland SPCA did not receive any direct government funding, and still relied on Southlanders who loved animals, he said.

“Simply put, SPCA existence in Southland can only exist through the community’s generous donations and support. If it is to work, Southland will continue to need this help now and in the future.”jordan release dateNike