Fun and informative . . . The sewing group at the Salvation Army headquarters (from left) Heather Tripp, Rebecca Goodall, Maureen Andrews, Karen Hodge and Donna McCullough. PHOTO: JENNY DILLNER

Maureen Andrews has more than 50 years’ experience designing and sewing outfits.

She decided at the beginning of the year, it was time to pay it forward.

”I have a lot of sewing machines and material and knowledge, and there is a real need in the community to teach anyone who wishes to sew,” Andrews said.

There were not a lot of avenues in Gore to teach sewing, she said.

Salvation Army headquarters in Gore was the perfect venue for the classes.

”We have a selection of all sorts of machines, and whoever comes along can do anything as simple as patchwork, alterations for themselves, or making and designing garments from scratch.

”I personally do not use a pattern. I just cut out what I want from inspiration in my head and make it.”

This was after years of owning her own shop and being a designer.

The group all enjoyed designing and making their own garments.

Rebecca Goodall, of Gore, said she was inspired during the pandemic and lockdown.

”Being stuck at home , it was the perfect solution to look online and get inspired to start to designing and making my own clothes.

” I love coming to class every Monday. We have a lot of fun,” Mrs Goodall said.

Mrs Andrews said they all helped each other.

“It is lovely having the class and we enjoy each other’s company.

“You do not have to come and sew. Anyone is welcome to come and just chat if they want.”

The classes stopped during the school holidays, but otherwise ran every Monday and there was no charge.

“Bringing your own fabric, or there is fabric here to buy if needed.

“Sewing is such fun. So many garments can be made from something else.

“The skirt worn by Rebecca was made out of a scarf sourced from the op shop,” Mrs Andrews said.

Every Monday from 10.30am to 4pm, anyone is welcome to join the class and learn.

For more information phone the Salvation Army (03) 208-4440 or 020 4156-7174.