Store owners keen to connect


If the face of one of the new owners of New World Gore looks familiar, it is because she has worked in the town before.

Former Gore Hospital physiotherapist Nicola Hollyer and her husband, Simon, will officially take over the store on Monday.

The couple previously owned New World Northside, in Oamaru.

Mrs Hollyer said she started work at the hospital in 1999 as a new graduate.

“I have lived here for two years so we know the town.

“We were stoked to get the store.”

The couple had enjoyed the small-town atmosphere in Oamaru, where they lived for four years.

“We see it’s a pretty similar kind of a community, similar lifestyle that we really enjoy .. that we think we will get in Gore,” Mr Hollyer said.

“It’s somewhere you want to bring up your children,” Mrs Hollyer said.

Being involved in the community was very important.

“We want to have a pleasant shopping environment and we want to get involved in the community and support the community,” Mrs Hollyer said.

“We look forward to meeting the community on the shop floor and we encourage people to come up and say gidday and introduce themselves,” Mr Hollyer said.

The couple planned to stay in Gore long term.

“This is somewhere we can see ourselves being for a long time,” Mrs Hollyer said.

The couple said the Gore store employed 145 people, compared with 96 in Oamaru.

Two preschoolers made up their family.

Mr Holler was a keen golfer.

“I used to play a bit of representative golf in my younger days,” he said.

“I’m very much more a grocer and a father than a golfer these days.”Buy Sneakersadidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 News, Colorways, Releases