Healthy snack . . East Gore School principal Wendy Kitto (front left) and Gore Countdown store manager Jess Salt along with members of the Gore Countdown team and East Gore School pupils celebrate Gore Countdown sponsoring the school by sharing some fruit.PHOTO: ASHLEIGH MARTIN

A Gore Countdown initiative to give back to the community has resulted in East Gore School being sponsored by the store.

Gore Countdown store manager Jess Salt said the sponsorship would provide the school with free fruit and help the school with any other initiatives it might need assistance with.

“It is a Countdown initiative; it’s called Countdown in the Community and I believe each store comes up with initiatives on how they can give back to the community,” Miss Salt said.

She said the Gore Countdown team had been thinking how the store could give back to the community.

The senior team voted on who they wanted to sponsor and East Gore School was chosen.

“It’s great for the team. The team are really proud to give back to the community.”

The initiative has begun with Gore Countdown giving the school several boxes of free fruit.

“It’s all about promoting healthy eating,” Miss Salt said.

East Gore School principal Wendy Kitto said the initiative was an amazing opportunity for the school.

“To have fruit available for all of our students is really important, especially during our healthy snack time during the day.”

She said the pupils were excited to receive some free fruit and a reusable bag to help the environment.

“To know that Countdown is going to be supporting our school and sponsoring us in this way, it’s a fabulous initiative that we’re glad we can be a part of it.”

Mrs Kitto said she looked forward to seeing how the initiative would grow.

“I would just like to say thank you to all the Countdown people.”Authentic Nike Sneakersスニーカーの検索一覧【新着順】