Storied angling club turning 125


A club which can boast of having Sir Henry Lauder as a member will celebrate its 125th jubilee at Labour Weekend.

The Wyndham Angling Club will celebrate the milestone with activities including a fishing competition and a meal.

Wyndham Angling Club president Stephen Dyer said the Scottish entertainer, who was internationally well-known in his heyday, was a member of the club.

“He used to be here quite a bit in the 1930s,” Mr Dyer said.

“He’s just a footnote in history now know who he was.”

After World War 2, when American troops were stationed in New Zealand, the word spread about how good the fishing was in the area.

This led to Americans becoming members of the club.

“There’s been a number of them over the last 25 years.

“They own houses in places like Mataura and they come out for five months of the year.”

Joining the angling club gave the visitors access to information about where the best fishing spots were, he said.

The club had 44 members with an age range of 6 to mid-80s.

Ten were female.

“It is male-dominated but if women want to join, we are happy for them to become members.”

The club held many competitions throughout the years.

The first competition was held on Christmas Day in 1895.

“What families thought of that is not known.”

Eight years later another one was held on Christmas Day.

“There might have been a third one, but there was never any more after that on Christmas Day.”Best SneakersArchives des Sneakers