StoryWalk and a dragon popular

Real life dragon . . . Excited to meet the Blackbeard dragon, Spike was Bella Walker(5) at the Gore District Library last week. PHOTO: VALU MAKA

It is not every day you meet a real-life dragon at the library.

However, Spike, the black bearded dragon, visited the building last week.

He features on the storyboards of the Gore District Library and Newcomers’ Network StoryWalk.

His owner, Laurie Ferguson, said he was 11 months old and his favourite foods were bugs and blueberries.

He was popular among the children who had done the book trail, she said.

“With one of the boards the kids saw Spike sleeping and they said ‘that’s Spike… we need to show him to the people at the library’.

“So we decided to bring him in.”

The StoryWalk is an 800m trail with 18 storyboards which started at the Gore Gardens aviary.

It received positive feedback from families over the school holidays.

Fun track . . . Enjoying the StoryWalk was the Mulqueen family: (back
left) Nate (9), mother Gemma Perry, Cia (3) and (front left) Ivy (5) and Finn (10) last week. PHOTO: VALU MAKA

The Mulqueen family participated in the book trail and had “a lot of fun”.

“I liked looking for the dragons because it was quite tricky but I think I found 26,” Nate said.

His brother Finn had enjoyed figuring out the countries for each flag.

“It was fun to try and guess which flag was which. I’m going to go home and check.”

The children’s mother, Gemma Perry, said it was a great way to get the children out and about.

“It’s been a nice challenge for them. It was awesome for us to see the flags and the different cultures within our community.”

The Valera family were excited to see their Filipino flag displayed on one of the storyboards.

“It’s been fun looking at the flags and trying to answer the questions.

“We’ve also enjoyed playing in the parks on the way,” Mrs Valera said.