Swimming lessons proving popular


The exceptionally hot summer and a growing awareness of the need to learn to swim has produced an unexpected bonus for the Gore Aquatic Centre’s swim school with burgeoning numbers enrolling.
Term one enrolments for both the Leaping Frogs Swim School, which caters for children of all ages and abilities, and the Shark Squad, which is the next step up, have exceeded expectations.
Gore Aquatic Centre manager Kim Peterson said staff were taking at least seven enrolments a day for Leaping Frogs and there was a waiting list of 25.
“Compared to term one last year, we’ve had a 15.29% increase in enrolments,” Ms Peterson said.
The figures were even more impressive for the Shark Squad.
The 21 additional children signed up for term one represented a 45.10% increase on the corresponding period last year.
The number of enrolments in the Leaping Frogs Swim School for term one last year was 412. For the corresponding time this year, the figure was 475 and for the Shark Squad there were 51 for the corresponding period last year and this year there were 72, Ms Peterson said.

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