T Bucket is staying in the family

Proud owner . . . The 1923 Ford T Bucket owned by Paul Richardson, has been in the family for nearly 20 years. PHOTO: JENNY DILLNER

Copied from the body style of a 1923 Ford T Bucket, Paul Richardson’s hot rod is a car of many parts.

Mr Richardson bought the engine about 20 years ago, and admits he has pretty much rebuilt it.

”Everything’s changed— the engine, upholstery, paint, wheels been an awesome project.”

It is no surprise that having always loved old hot rods, he has more than one.

”My father was interested , and I would have been influenced by him.

”I have been a member of Delta Rod & Custom in Balclutha for many years, and love taking the car to shows,” Mr Richardson said.

The engine is 350 cubic inch Chevrolet fitted with a super charger.

”Now that gives a lot of power.

”One of the best drag racing days was when we did 11.5 seconds in 400m. That is moving.”

The trunk on the back of the car not only looks good, it holds the petrol tank.

The tail lights are from a 1959 Cadillac, the dashboard was crafted from the copper out of a hot water cylinder, and the overflow from the radiator is a recycled fire extinguisher.

”Recycling that’s what I love. It is a novelty car—nothing like it anywhere— and it is very fast.”

Mr Richardson said he used the vehicle as he would an everyday car.

”I am happy to jump in and take it to the shops or anywhere on a fine day.

”It will never leave the family,” Mr Richardson said.