Te reo students know value of adult learning


Te reo Maori students at Southern Reap celebrated Adult Learners’ Week when they finished their six-week course on Monday.

Southern Reap community liaison officer Jonelle McDowall said there were about 10 participants and this was the third time in a year the course had been held.

Adult Learners’ Week runs from September 4 to 10. It celebrates the value of lifelong learning and reminds people that lifelong learning is vital for a rich, rewarding life, Adult Learners’ Week information states.

Mrs McDowall said the beginners’ Te Reo Made Easy course was popular.

It was tutored by Kay Lawton and was made up of adult learners.

“We celebrate adults coming back to learn.”

Class participant and Mataura School principal Susan Dennison said she attended the course because she wanted to improve her pronunciation, as there were a lot of talented te reo speakers in the community.

Fellow participant and Tuturau School administrator Maureen Svensson said she wanted to improve her te reo pronunciation and understanding.

“I was pretty excited but after the first night I didn’t want to come back,” she said.

But, with the help and encouragement of Tuturau schoolteacher and classmate Athena Kent, she completed the course.

Miss Kent was proficient in te reo but was keen to sharpen her sentence structure skills as well as supporting Mrs Svensson, she said.

Vanessa Whyte said the course had taken her out of her comfort zone, while Nicky Horrell said the course helped her with her bachelor of early childhood studies.best Running shoesAutres