Teens clean to show they care

Youth doing good . . . Gore youth councillors Lachie McWhirter (17), chairwoman Olivia Craw ford (17), Mackenzie Johnstone (17), vice- chairman JB Acuna (17) and Sam Copland (14) take a well deserved break after a hard day’s work filling potholes, picking up rubbish and spurcing up the town’s gardens earlier this month. PHOTO: SUP PLIED

Gore is looking good after youth councillors got stuck in and tidied up the town earlier this month.

Youth councillor Mackenzie Johnstone said the group filled potholes, picked up rubbish and even did some gardening.

“We went down to the Little Theatre and filled in potholes in the parking lot there with gravel.

“We went to the skate park and picked up all the rubbish around there.

“A few of the youth went around the corner and helped tidy up that garden, pulled out a few weeds and planted some things.”

The weather was warm and there was more rubbish than they expected, she said.

“But it wasn’t too bad. There was a lot of us there so it made it easier.”

The youth council had agreed these were issues that required attention, Mackenzie said.

“At our meetings we talk about ways we can help with the community. Quite often it’s about fundraisers and things but this time it was just about things that needed doing.

“There’s a desperate need for it.”

The general opinion towards teenagers was not always positive, but Gore’s youth did care about their town, she said.

“We do want to help and we do want to make Gore nice. I think it’s a really nice town.”