Planning . . . Encounter New Life church elder Russell Fredric and Gore District libraries manager Lorraine Weston-Webb measure the space where library shelves will be placed once the library has moved to the Jacob St building. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

A new chapter in the ever-evolving saga of the Gore library will start next month in North Gore.

Almost two years after it was relocated to the James Cumming Wing because of mould found in the former Norfolk St building, the library will move to the Encounter New Life church building on Jacob St.

In July last year then Infrastructure Minister Shane Jones announced a $3 million grant for the upgrade of the library.

In December the Gore District Council unveiled a $6.82 million concept plan for developing the James Cumming Wing and new library.

The new location of the library will allow the building work to begin.

Library manager Lorraine Weston-Webb said she had been searching for a temporary home for the library since September.

“This is the most suitable and we feel it will be the most welcoming to the public,” Ms Weston-Webb said.

The library will fill most of the space in the building except for the cafe, one office and the art hub upstairs.

The area was “quite a lot smaller” but all the books would fit in.

“It just means the shelves will be fuller and there will be less space between the shelves.

“We probably won’t be able to fit all our tables and chairs but we’ll make as many spaces for people to sit as possible.”

The computers would be set up for people to use and there would be a place for children to gather. The library would remain open in the James Cumming Wing until April 16.

From April 17 to May 5 the library would be closed while its resources were packed up, moved to their temporary new home and then displayed.

“The team is really excited.

“We’ve got experience of moving this library and we’ve also had a little bit more time to prepare.

“This time it won’t be such a drain on the team because we’re a bit more organised.”

The library would reopen on May 6.

While located at Jacob St, the library would not open on Sundays.

If books were due when the library was closed the due date would be extended to May 10.

It was expected work on the wing would start with the removal of asbestos and the rebuild is planned to start September, she said.

The council would lease the building from the church.

Encounter New Life elder Russell Fredric said church members were excited the building would be leased.

“We can still operate our Sunday services,” Mr Fredric said.

“For us it provides income for ministry possibilities and projects.”

Sunday services would be held in the cafe and the Encounter Art Hub would continue upstairs.

The lease was initially for 12 months.