Book Fanatics . . . Sharing her love for books was Gore District Library volunteer Lynda Hall-Jones with Windsor Park resident Jean King. PHOTO: VALU MAKA

National volunteer week is celebrated this week. The Ensign reporter Valu Maka spoke to Gore District libraries book delivery service volunteer Lynda Hall-Jones and Windsor Park resident Jean King on the benefits of the voluntary book service.

Gore District Library volunteer Lynda Hall-Jones brings the joy of books to rest-home residents.

As a part of the public library’s book delivery service Ms Hall-Jones and Joy McIntyre visited rest-home residents every three weeks.

Ms Hall-Jones had worked for the library for 49 years before she retired.

“I prefer to volunteer my time towards something to do with books because that is my passion.”

She visited 14 residents who resided in Windsor Park, Parata and some who were in their own homes.

“Most of the residents I know because they used to come to the library regularly.

“So I am always pleased to see them and it is always nice to chat to them and see how they are going.”

Gore District librarian Dena McKenzie helps choose the books for residents.

“I do have a system which involves asking them what kind of books they like to read and I always take in their feedback and try to adjust my choices for each individual.”

She acknowledged Ms Hall-Jones and Ms McIntyre who gave up their time to deliver books.

“If we didn’t have Joy and Lynda the delivery service would not exist.”

Windsor Park resident Jean King said she was grateful for the service.

Her favourite fiction books to read were Agatha Christie’s detective novels, she said.

“I like that her books keep you on your toes and there’s always a surprise.”

She could spend hours reading, she said.

“If it is a good book I can’t put it down and one time I was up until 11 o’clock because I had to find out how it ended.”