They’re a crafty lot at Heriot

Handmade... Heriot Primary Schools (from left) Hazelle Scott (10), Caitlyn Steel (9), Bella Young (6), Charlotte Winterbourne (6), Jaydn Martyn (7), Annie McRay (11) and George Anderson (7) with hand decorated bags full of goodies they made themselves. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

There was a crafty plan afoot at Heriot Primary School last week to interest children in new hobbies and teach them how to recycle materials.

A three-day craft week was held for the sixth consecutive year since being started by the Moa Flat branch of Rural Women New Zealand.

Group vice-president and co-ordinator Gloria McHutchon said pupils could go home and make use of the skills they had learned.

“[It’s] so they won’t be bored in the holidays,” Mrs McHutchon said.

Groups of pupils spent time at nine different craft stations, making wooden tool boxes and Christmas decorations, sewing toy owls and decorating shopping bags.

“The woodwork is the most intense thing they do. They’re learning to use saws and screwdrivers and drills.”

They were learning how to do activities they might not otherwise be taught, which was a “wonderful opportunity” she said.

Mrs McHutchon is a keen knitter and scrapbooker and said it was good to see children enjoying learning different crafts.

“They were very enthusiastic about everything”

“It’s a tribute to the school how well they .. responded to what we were doing.”

She always preferred to receive handmade gifts from her children and grandchildren and hoped craft week would encourage children to get creative as Christmas approached.

This year 28 different volunteers had helped with craft week, and their efforts were appreciated.

“They put an awful lost of time and effort into preparing and being there.

“It’s flat out for three days but it’s wonderful, everyone benefits.”

Like many of the volunteers, she had a family connection to the school.

Craft week strengthened community ties with the school, she said.

“It’s a good thing to do to get involved with the younger generation.

“It was lovely, very uplifting.”Sports NewsSneakers