Third placing in Mathletics competition


Northern Southland College pupil Ravindu Gunawardhana (14) came third in the Tri-nations Mathletics competition recently.

Northern Southland College co-deputy principal Jordana Norrish said the competition included tens of thousands of pupils from New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.

“I’m very proud,” Dr Norrish said.

She was not surprised Ravindu did well, though.

“I know he loves this type of competitive maths.”

Pupils had a week to solve problems on the mathletics website, Dr Norrish said.

About 120 pupils from Northern Southland College took part in the competition and four placed in the top 50, she said.

“The whole junior school took part.”

Ravindu said he was surprised to see he had placed third.

“I was excited to see my name on the leader board.”

He really enjoyed taking part in the competition, he said.

“It was pretty exciting.”

The pupils completed problems on the website in class but were able to complete them at home as well, Ravindu said.

“I did a lot of work at home.”

Some of the problems were ones he had done before but a lot were new.

“Algebra was probably the most challenging. I struggled a bit with that.”

“There were a couple I couldn’t finish.”

Ravindu was presented with a bronze medal with his name engraved on it.jordan SneakersAir Jordan