Heritage and imagination Painting their piece of the totem pole is mum Teegan and daughter D'larny (6) Ramage.

Pupils and parents at Tuturau Primary School have been busy during the term sourcing their ancestry and history to be depicted on totem poles.

The term unit “who are we” was one of the social science units designed for whanau engagement.

Principal Rebekah Prattley said it was to encourage children to learn more about their family cultural heritage.

“All term the kids have been collecting symbols and information about the countries their ancestors same from.

“A couple of weeks ago we invited the families to come in and help with the design that would be painted on to the totem poles,” Ms Prattley said.

Over the next few weeks parents have booked in a time that they could come along and  paint the poles with their children.

“These will end up being around for a long time. It has been an amazing project and one that will help the children learn about their ancestors.

“If their history is not written down, it can be lost, and that is extremely sad,” Ms Prattley said.

The children were allowed to interpret their ideas of what they had learnt and what would be painted in their space on the poles.

Parent Teegan Ramage said the drawings were from the children’s imagination also.

“To some Scotland means the Loch Ness monster, to others, swords and the Scottish flag.

“It really is very cool, as the kids come away learning and knowing a lot more about a lot of countries, and their friends’ countries as well,” Ms Ramage said.latest Nike SneakersJordan Ανδρικά • Summer SALE έως -50%