Tree decision pleases petitioner


Joseph St, Gore resident Clarence Stevenson has been the leader of a recent petition success.

Mr Stevenson pushed the Gore District Council to remove silver birch trees in Joseph St due to severe drain blockage and underlying health problems they bring.

“The leaves fall off, they blocked the drains and everything that comes off them caused health problems too,” Mr Stevenson said.

The council agreed to fix the problem on the basis that all who signed the petition agreed on the method of removal.

“If I could say anything to the council, it would be thank you. They have done more than I ever expected and they listened to us all,” he said.

Although he has lived there for years, Mr Stevenson said it was the last drain blockage, a major one, that pushed him to do this.

“It was blocked right up,” he said.

Mr Stevenson said the petition was also signed by 15 of his neighbours.

“They are going to remove and replace the trees with ones that do not grow as big, if we all agree to it.

“I am sure my neighbours will be happy with that outcome.”

Council parks and recreation manager Ian Soper said the council planned to replace the silver birches with Sorbus “Eastern Promise” trees.

“They have less leaves but the ones they do shed will be larger than those of a silver birch,” Mr Soper said.

He said silver birches were not planted anywhere else in Gore.

“Now all that’s left is to remove the trees,” Mr Stevenson said.

He said he would like them removed as early as possible but would at least hope to see them gone before the leaves grew back.Running SneakersNIKE AIR HUARACHE