Tribute concert cut short after noise complaints


Organisers are hailing the success of the Woodstock Tribute even though the event finished an hour earlier than planned due to noise complaints.

The festival was held on Saturday at The Reservation, in Gore, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1969 Woodstock Music Festival in the United States.

The tribute festival was organised by Jayne and Bruce Moffatt, of Gore.

Mrs Moffatt said the only thing that was disappointing about the event was a complaint someone made to noise control.

“[Noise control] phoned me at 8.50pm and made me aware there had been a complaint.”

At 11pm noise control made contact again and the noise level was lowered to acoustic level until midnight.

“Then we had to shut down because they still weren’t happy… very sad for the artists who were to perform between 12 and 1.”

Mrs Moffatt said all the nearby neighbours had been approached before the event.

“The neighbours in the immediate vicinity were happy and several of them were here . and they fully supported us.”

“We’ve had such amazing feedback from 99.99% of people… very, very thrilled with the way it went off… well-worth the effort,” Mrs Moffatt said.

“I’d do it again in a heart beat.”

She said it was a great opportunity for young band members to play in public.

About 200 people attended the tribute concert during its 11 hours.

“[There was] not an ounce of trouble. Everybody was happy.

“The maximum we had at any one time was 100.”

Gore District Council planning manager Dean Balkin confirmed the council’s noise control team received complaints about the loudness of the music.

“We received several complaints, ranging in time from 20:36 to 23:24 that evening,” Mr Balkin said.

It was not the same person complaining each time, he said.

The officers did not need to visit the site and measure the noise level.

“Our focus is on resolving reported noise nuisance as quickly as possible,” Mr Balkin said.

“Telephone contact was made and our officers were satisfied with the results and co-operation from the event organiser.”

No official written warning was issued.

“Often notices are not needed, as discussion and warnings from the officers are sufficient to deal with the nuisance and resolve the nuisance.”

Mrs Moffatt said a sound technician on site took sound tests and found the sound level at a partyin Coutts Rd was twice that of the tribute.

Mr Balkin said other noise control complaints were received on Saturday night, but none about a party in Coutts Rd.

Seventy-two year old Gore resident Ian Cupit went to the tribute to support his grand-daughter Ella Cupit (15), who was performing.

He said he was very impressed with the event.

“It was really great to see these young kids [performing] . it’s better than [having them] running around the streets breaking letter boxes.

“It’s giving the kids of Gore something to do because there’s not a lot to do on a Saturday night,” Mr Cupit said.

However, he was disappointed there had been a complaint to noise control.

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