Trip to science, technology forum helps pupil choose career options


Attending a two-week Rotary science and technology forum in Auckland has narrowed Lily Clague’s career focus and increased her appetite for knowledge.
Lily (17) was the only Gore High School pupil to attend the forum.
The year 13 pupil found out about the forum through the school’s head of science, Greg Clinton. She submitted her application and waited.
Then she received a phone call telling her she had been accepted.
The Gore High School pupil returned from the experience enthused.
“It was a really cool experience. I loved every minute of it,” she said.
Participants attended three-hour modules twice a day.
There were about 19 modules during the two-week stint, she said.
The forum allowed Lily to discover what she was and was not interested in.
The forum helped her understand what was involved in each career path and had narrowed down her choices, she said.
Lily had narrowed down her career options to psychology or engineering, she said.
She enjoyed helping people and problem solving and the two career paths would fit those criteria.
“I’ve always loved maths and science.”
She had filled a book with notes from the forum.
Representatives from several universities also spoke, she said.
As well as gathering information, Lily also made friends at the forum with like-minded people.
She said she would encourage pupils to apply to attend the forum in the future.
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