Truckloads of fun

Show Time. . . Waiting with anticipation for the Mc Donough Contracting Gore Truck Show to begin were Mackenzey Seales (7), Alex Robinson (10), William Robinson (8) and Kiana Seales (8). PHOTO: VALU MAKA

Families, friends and children lined up in Main St in Gore to get a view of the McDonough Contracting Truck Show on Saturday . Secretary Rhonda Wilson said the event was “truly amazing”. The King Rig winner for 2021 was Aaron Callender, of Eden Haulage. Dynes Transport had 50 trucks entered in the show as the company celebrated 50 years in the business, she said. “It was awesome to have them and we are grateful for their hard work.”STORY/PHOTOS: VALU MAKA

Celebration . . . Getting ready to lead the 50 Dynes Trucks featured in the show were Jim Dynes, Ben (9) and Will Abernethy (11). PHOTO: VALU MAKA
Shiny Truck. . . Aliza Donaldson (3), Shannon Vanderkemp and William Donaldson (5) prepare to take the Marshall Excavating Limited Kenworth Truck to the Gore streets. PHOTO: VALU MAKA