Up on the roof .. Ajax Building Contractors builders (from left) Malcolm Waitaiki, Henry Potter and Regan O'Brien seal the joins in the replacement flashing installed on the Gore Aquatic Centre roof last week. PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

A $1.2million upgrade of facilities in the Gore Multisports Complex is under way courtesy of the Government’s “Shovel Ready” fund.

When the Government announced the Shovel Ready initiative for the construction industry in April last year, it was expected the projects would help reduce the economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Gore District Council applied for funding for 10 projects, totalling $50million. In January it found out it was successful with two projects the Gore Multisports Complex and the $3million Gore Public Library rebuild.

The Government will put forward $1million for the MLT Event Centre and Gore Aquatic Centre (within the Gore Multisports Complex) and the council $200,000.

The plant room will have a new roof, the pool roof will have new flashings over the panel joints and the ventilation system of the pool is being replaced to give better airflow.

Council aquatic services manager Martin Mackereth said the Shovel Ready grant meant the work could be completed much faster.

“The work was in our maintenance schedule in five years’ time,” Mr Mackereth said.

It was hoped the project would be completed by September.

“Our biggest challenge is going to be weather.”

The project should have little impact on users of the facility, he said.

The contractors and Gore Multisports Complex staff were working together to make sure the impact was minimised and the facilities could operate in as normal a way as possible.

“The most significant impact will be group bookings being moved to different courts to allow the work to be carried out above.”

Most of the work is being completed by three Gore companies.

Roofcraft is overseeing the roofing part of the project and Ajax Building Contractors, Custom Build and Brazier are helping with the installation.

New Plymouth specialist ventilation company Armatec is also involved, designing a new ventilation system which Gore contractors will install.