Bea-ute-iful... A labour of love, Carl Little's pride and joy can be seen around town on occasion.PHOTOS: JENNY DILLNER

From a young age Carl Little has loved Holden HZ One Tonner utes, travelling to gymkhanas and horse events in the ute having endeared him to the make and model.

“My father had one.

“I grew up with them and I have only good memories.

“They have always been my favorite vehicle,” Mr Little said.

Six years ago Mr Little had the opportunity to buy his own 1981 Holden HZ One Tonner from a friend.

He has repainted the bodywork and changed the motor from a Holden 308 to a Chevrolet 350.

“The Chevrolet motor is a bit more reliable and powerful.

“It was cheaper to do up the Chevrolet motor than maintain the 308.”

Installing a coffin on the tray was an idea that came to Mr Little after a friend’s funeral.

His friend’s coffin was transported on the back of a ute.

“Originally, I had a tool box on the tray.

“I had decided I wanted a coffin on the back of the ute when that day comes to me.

“I like to be different.”

At this stage, Mr Little keeps tools in the coffin.

The coffin lid is hydraulically controlled from inside the ute.

“I used the workings from a ride-on mower.

“It works well.”

Driving around town, the ute got interesting reactions from people.

“The majority see the fun side. To date only one person was offended.”

Dead interesting… Carl Little in the coffin that sits on the back of his 1981 Holden ute. JENNIFER.DILLNER