Original condition ... Purchased in 1970 the Tremain family have kept the car for nearly 50 years.

For nearly 50 years, a 1970 Holden HT Ute 161 has been in the Tremaine family.

John Tremaine said it was bought brand new by his uncle and, for nostalgic reasons, he had every intention of keeping the ute for a lot longer.

From the 1970s until the late ’90s, the Holden was used as a farm vehicle at Kaweku.

By the time Mr Tremaine inherited the ute in the late 1990s it had done 97,035km (60,295 miles) on the clock.

“For the years my uncle owned it, it rarely travelled out of the Mandeville/Gore vicinity.

“Since I put the ute back on the road in 2010, Mary [his wife] and I have regularly used it on rallies, been around the South Island a couple of times, and driven it for our own private use.”

Since taking the Holden out of storage nine years ago, they have put another 12,416kms on the odometer (7715 miles).

After coming out of storage, the Holden was repainted (red, the original colour) and mags were put on but, other than that, the motor had never had any issues and no work had been done, Mr Tremaine said.

“It is totally original other than the wheels and driving lights.”

“I have had a few offers to buy the ute over the years but that will not be happening,” Mr Tremaine said.

“We seem to keep cars for a long time – we also have a 1927 Chevrolet Capital in our collection that has been here since 1943.

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