Walk in honour of drowned boy’s memory

Turnout...A crowd walk along Salford St towards Grassland Rd during a memorial walk for Lachlan Jones on Sunday.

People gathered at Salford St for a walk on Sunday to keep the memory of Lachlan Jones alive as what would have been his 6th birthday approached.

Police found the boy dead in a council wastewater oxidation pond in Grassland Rd in January 2019, aged just 3.

Gore resident Paul Bridgman organised the 1.2km walk to support Lachlan’s family.

It followed a route from near his mother’s house, which he disappeared from on the evening of January 29, to the pond where his body was found later that night.

“It’s just so people can see how that little boy left … and ended up drowned,” Mr Bridgman said.

For Lachlan’s father, Paul Jones, walking the route brought back memories.

Police originally concluded Lachlan had wandered off and his death was an accident.

However, Mr Jones doubted his son had walked so far so late with a full nappy and bare feet.

“The more I walk, the more unlikely it seems,” Mr Jones said.

Police had reopened the case and interviewed him five or six times, he said.

“It’s moving forward positively.”

Near the location where his son’s body was found, he spoke to the crowd, thanking them for taking part.

“It would have been Lachie’s birthday tomorrow and I’m sure he would appreciate everyone coming.

“I hope this will get it out in public again.”

He invited the crowd to join him for pizza and drinks to mark Lachlan’s birthday after the walk.

Gore resident Totty Glozier said she doubted whether Lachlan traversed the route before she took part in the walk.

“Now I’m convinced [he did not]. You can’t tell me a kid that age walked that far.”

Gore resident Jason Moffat said he attended the walk to honour Lachlan’s memory.

“It’s a brilliant turnout, a great sign of respect,” he said.