Bring it back ... East Gore resident Stuart Hodge might have to resort to cutting his lawn with clippers if the person who took his rotary lawn mower does not return it.PHOTO: SANDY EGGLESTON

A lawnmower owned by Stuart and Joan Hodge, of Gore, has gone missing recently, inspiring Mr Hodge to pen a letter to The Ensign. Reporter Sandy Eggleston finds out more about the missing mower.

“To the thief that stole my red Masport rotary lawn mower .. (you forgot to take the catcher).

“Are you going to bring up your children and partner to be thieves?

“I’m not angry with you.

“I am disappointed.

“You have had it now to mow your lawn.

“It is time for me to mow mine.

“Bring it back.”

It is hard to know when exactly has lawn mower went missing, Gore man Stuart Hodge says.

He had sown a new lawn and lots of weeds grew among the grass so he sprayed it.

“I wanted it to grow and get rid of the weeds so I never cut it for about three weeks.

“So I never missed the lawn mower,” Mr Hodge said.

Now the lawn needed mowing he wanted his mower back, he said.

“I don’t give a damn how.

“Push it down the drive – just let it freewheel down the drive if that’s how [the person] chooses to return it.”

The mower was kept in the corner of an unlocked shed.

“You’d have to open the door and it’s tucked in right down on the ground behind the door.”

Joan Hodge said if anybody walked in they would not have seen the mower straight away.

The person did not take the catcher or any other tools in the shed.

The couple live on a back section and the person who took the mower would have had to wheel it 20m to the street front.

“This one obviously didn’t make a lot of noise,” Mr Hodge said.

Mrs Hodge wonders if it was taken late at night when they were in bed.

One neighbour Mr Hodge had talked to had never seen Mr Hodge mow his lawn.

“Nobody out there would know I’ve got a lawn down here.”

Although it was nearly 10 years old, the mower was in very good condition with no dints or missing paint.

Four extensions were added to the blades which was unusual.

Sergeant Hua Tamariki, of Gore, said he visited Mr Hodge’s property on February 19 to do a scene examination.

“Nothing was found that could be used to forensically examine,” Sgt Tamariki said.

Officers made inquiries among the neighbours but no more information was gained.

He encouraged residents to keep their properties secure.Adidas footwearnike fashion