‘Weird’ case of tagged chicks


It was a case of having to deal with some trouble “on the double” for Gore woman Shirley Herron this week.

It started when she found a baby starling with a tag saying “Prezzy” around its neck in her driveway on Monday.

“I took it to the vet and they cut the tag off,” Mrs Herron said.

“They said it was dangerous because it could cut off its airway.”

After she arrived home from the vet she found another baby bird with a tag around its neck on a shelf in her garage.

“I thought it was weird to find one, but then I found another one.”

The tag on the second bird said “Visa”, she said.

Mrs Herron cut that tag off herself.

“I don’t know whether it was a sick joke or what.”

The birds’ mother was flying above her house, keeping an eye on her chicks, Mrs Herron said.

The mother bird looked very confused when she found the chicks, she said.

“I have seen a lot of weird things in my time but this has to be the weirdest.”

Combined Vet Services practice manager Jo Wright said the tag on the bird was removed and the bird given a general health check.

“It’s quite dangerous for any wild animal to have anything around its neck,” Mrs Wright said.

The bird was then given back to Mrs Herron so she could release it.

Mrs Wright said she had not seen any other birds with tags around their neck brought into the clinic.

“Hopefully, there are no more.”

If people found birds with tags around their necks it was important to get them taken off, she said.

“Bring it in and we can remove it.”

It was best to release the bird where it was found.short url linkNIKE HOMME