West Otago welcome signs approved


The West Otago towns Heriot and Tapanui are to benefit from new or upgraded welcome signs.

At the West Otago Community Board’s meeting on Wednesday, a design for a new “Welcome to Heriot” sign, inspired by a combination of designs submitted by pupils from Heriot School, was approved.

The “tidying up” of welcome signs at Tapanui was also discussed.

Board member John Herbert said it was possible one sign would be installed at each of the three roads leading into Heriot or one sign would be erected in the town centre.

Board member Linda Roulston said having a single sign was not what the board originally envisioned.

Bruce Robertson said the signs were intended to welcome people to Heriot.

“In my mind that’s at the beginning.”

The exact cost of a single sign was unclear, as quotes sought by Mr Herbert did not cover the installation or ground work.

The signs were estimated to be 3m high and cost at least $2500 each.

Board member Sue Wink said if a decision was not made it would be next year before the signs could be installed and it was important to have the work done before the pupils who contributed to the design moved to another school.

Up to $10,000 was approved for the construction and installation of the signs.

Mrs Roulston said it was better to budget too much than not enough.

“If we come in under budget, then that’s fine.”

The board also approved $1600 to repaint the signs at each entrance of Tapanui.

Chairwoman Barbara Hanna said the signs needed tidying up, as they had faded.

She was “ashamed” of the signs when they were broadcast on television during a special screening of Pete’s Dragon in the town.

The board also approved up to $3000 be used for the installation of an information directory sign at the Heriot Community Centre.

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