Patience pays off... This image of an adult wrybill and its chick secured Gore photographer Glenda Rees a national award. PHOTO: GLENDA REES

An image of a wrybill and its chick has won Glenda Rees a national photographic award.

The Gore woman was awarded the Geoff Moon Nature Trophy and a Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) gold medal for the best projected image illustrating New Zealand wildlife at the PSNZ Canon National Exhibition, being held in Dunedin.

Ms Rees also received a PSNZ bronze medal, two acceptances in the nature print category and two acceptances in the nature projected category of the exhibition.

“The work of Geoff Moon has been an inspiration to me since my discovery of bird photography just a few years ago, so winning this trophy is fulfilling a dream,” Ms Rees said.

“He was a leading natural history photographer who accumulated such awesome bird photographs, often having spent several days in a hide and with just a couple of rolls of film.

“Several other nature photographers whose work I have admired are among the previous recipients of this award.”

The winning image was taken in November last year on one of Canterbury’s many braided rivers where wrybill breed.

“This was the fourth season in a row that I tried for an image of an adult with chick.”

Myriad variables must be taken into account to capture an image such as this, including first finding a well-camouflaged nest with chicks, and weather conditions. Chicks became independent at just a few days old so were not often found with a parent bird, she said.

It was not an easy image to obtain. But it was an adventure and the satisfaction when successful was immense.

Ms Rees has been entering the national awards since 2012 and has gained success many times in the past.

“I keep thinking the luck’s going to run out.”

More than 500 photographs including prints and projected images make up the Canon National exhibition.

The images were selected from more than 1600 entries received from 229 entrants.

The exhibition, being held at the Dunedin Centre, will be open to the public on Friday and Saturday.Nike sneakersNike