Work day takes bank staff back in time


Staff from the Gore BNZ stepped back in time when they spent their annual community-work day at the Hokonui Pioneer Village and Museum.

The staff became familiar with some of the equipment used in banks in a bygone era when they gave the former Balfour BNZ bank at the village a spring clean.

There were five staff members involved in the Closed for Good volunteer programme.

Staff member Bev Cowan said the volunteers undertook work at two venues on Wednesday.

The volunteers also gave the East Gore Plunket Rooms a spring clean.

“We water-blasted the outside; it made a huge difference,” Mrs Cowan said.

Then they moved on to the village and museum in the afternoon.

Mrs Cowan described the spring clean at the village as being carried out with some delicacy, as some of the items needed a gentle touch.

The volunteers spring-cleaned areas such as the bank, school and cottage.Buy SneakersCheap Wholesale Nike Shoes,wholesale Nike Jordan Shoes,cheap Nike Air Max Shoes,wholesale China