Work gets under way on Tapanui pool renovations


Officially opened in 1987, the West Otago swimming pool complex is undergoing an upgrade to bring it into the 21st century.

The outdoor roof of the complex was built with wooden struts, which have had to be replaced with steel supports.

Complying with council rules and regulations, the pool complex is in the process of also having toilets and showers renovated and updating health and safety standards.

West Otago Swimming Pool chairman Murray Harris said not all of the changes were requested by council.

“It was our [the committees] decision to widen the walkway and make a wheelchair access to the learners pool.

“It made sense to make these changes now while the work was under way, rather than later,” he said.

Adding to the renovations will be new thermal covers for the pools.

“The advantage of the covers saves 2°C-3°C overnight, keeping the pools at a constant 28°C-30°C, depending on the air temperature.”

“To have this facility is a huge bonus for the people of West Otago, and we are fortunate to have the support and funding through grants and donations.”

Traditionally, the pools open every year in mid-November on the West Otago A&P Show day.

“For years this has been the opening day for the pools, and all going well we will be ready to open again this year,”

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